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Make a song using Akai MPK Mini mkII with 56% off discount

Akai Professional MPK Mini mkII with 56% off discount

Do you love music and can you relate the words coming from the lyrics of the song? I'm so sure that one of your stress relievers is listening to any music whether its a love song, rock, RnB, hip-hop etc,.

I discovered online about these Akai Professional MPK Mini mkII which most beat makers, singers, DJ's, and music producers used in creating a genuine sound. I had been falling in love and even dream it on my wonderland of having this kind of instrument since I'm a big fan of midi controllers.

But sadly to say, I don't have money to buy this expensive stuff. So I'm just wishing it to Santa that he may granted my wish for this upcoming Christmas. Yey!

How childish am I right?

I've seen this Akai Mpk Mini personally from my closest friend because he bought it on his birthday back in the last week of June if I was not mistaken. He wants me to touch it and even teach me on how to tap those pads of his Akai Mpk Mini mkII.

I can't explain those words on my mouth of how I was so lucky to have a friend who shares his things and knowledge.

When Akai Mpk Mini mkII arrived at my friend house. I can see the whole item was well-packaged and rest-assured very secured because it was covered full of tape.


  • Color is enchanting
  • knobs are functional
  • keys are very responsive as well as the pads
  • very lightweight
  • made from plastic(Polypropylene)
  • contains free software to download
  • can't easily break up
  • imported
  • very easy to use
  • can connect to any pc, mac, desktop etc.


  • not a water resistant
  • sometimes the software facing some errors
  • don't have any pedals on the package

But it doesn't end there because the Akai Mpk Mini mkII now has a carry case to ensure the safety of our beloved midi controller. You can travel anywhere and create music anytime using this device. You can claim your 56% off from Akai Professional MPK Mini mkII with carrying case here!

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