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How to get help in windows 10?


Sometimes windows don't work properly like the common problems which we are dealing for the freezing moment of the gadget. We typically don't like that especially if we are on the job mode right? So we need a further solution for that to enable the strange behavior of your windows.


  •  If you see a search button on your windows laptop click that and type the word " Contact Support".
  • Click the word enter on your keyboard and you will be redirected to their contact support team.

  • When you're already on their contact support page click the "Premier Support" to ask help or any issues of your windows.
  • Upon by clicking the "Premier Support" you will be redirected to the official website of Microsoft.

  • Sign-in if you have Microsoft account and if your new to their website create your first Microsoft account to get access to their page.

If you're done singing into Microsoft, ask a question right away and they will guarantee to give you the best solution for your windows problem.

A state of difficulty that needs to be resolved Microsoft Support Team is the only way to hand that matters.

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